Winter/Spring 2009 Tasting schedule

Tim's Wine Market

Unless otherwise noted all events are $25 per person and begin at 7 pm and end at 9 pm. Due to the limited capacity our events we do require a prepaid reservation. We do offer a 48 hour cancellation policy (from the start time of the event) but we regret that no credit will be issued for last minute cancellations. Unless otherwise noted we serve bread and cheese at all events. We respectfully request that attendees refrain from wearing perfume or cologne. To make reservations please call the store where you wish to attend.

Orlando Only – March 4th
Orlando Only – May 6th

This program looks at all facets of grape growing and winemaking while tasting nine different styles of wine. The emphasis is on understanding the correlation between the vine and finished wine as well as the basic components of texture and taste. Our discussion also includes food and wine pairing suggestions as well as a Q & A on contemporary topics.

Orlando, St. Augustine, Lakeland — March 18th
Windermere — March 19

On this evening we will take a wine tour around the Italian peninsula and sample a dozen of our favorite new discoveries. Special emphasis will be on modern examples of the classic varieties with representation from Tuscany, Piedmont, Sicily, Veneto, Apulia, Marches and many other great regions. Most of the wines sampled will be red but we will of course look at some of the thrilling whites coming from the country. A selection of Italian cheeses and meats will be served to compliment the wines.

Orlando only — March 25

This blind tasting is designed to help you understand the wine in the glass without knowing the name on the label. Emphasis is on understanding the components of wine; acidity, alcohol, sweetness and tannin, and identify those qualities in the wine. This class looks at reds and whites and special attention is paid to varietal and regional correctness.

Windermere — April 8th
Orlando, St. Augustine, Lakeland — April 15th

Tax day and everyone is feeling a little down in the dumps so how about a greasy slice of pizza a little red wine to wash down your sorrows. This tasting focuses on wines under $13 a bottle and how they pair with some of our less-than-culinary food favorites like tacos, pizza and hamburgers. Although a fun event the wines selected for this tasting offer exceptional value and quality so come and indulge.

A tasting of wines made from sustainable, organic and biodynamically grown grapes.
All stores — April 22nd

There is no other consumables industry that is embracing natural grape growing like wine producers. After decades of dumping man-made chemicals on their vines most European grape growers are now switching to more natural ways of farming and American winemakers are following suit. This tasting will look at wines farmed using sustainable techniques (man-made chemicals only when necessary) organic and biodynamic (sort of a super organic regime with some astrology thrown in for good measure). We will look at white and red wines from all corners of the winemaking globe.