Wine Classes and Tastings

Tim's Wine Market

Over the years we have become known for our instructional seminars. The problem we are running into is space. With over 5000 people now receiving our newsletter, most of our classes, which only have 24 seats, sell out the day after we mail out the newsletter. For that reason we will be mixing in a few more “open house” tastings this year, where we will not sit and lecture in our classroom but rather have you walk around and taste wines in the main store. These programs will be clearly marked so if you like the formality of the lecture series you will know which classes are which.

Also, due to the high demand for all classes we will strictly enforce our credit card deposit and 48 hour cancellation period. We are not trying to be mean but rather give consideration to those who are not able to attend a specific class do to limited seating. The lecture classes are limited to 24 seats and the open house formats are limited to 50 people. All classes include bread and cheese unless otherwise stated. For the consideration of others we ask that you limit the use of cologne and perfume when attending our programs. Special pricing will be offered on the evening of each event for the wine being tasted.

Wine appreciation 101 the TWM way. Each class is a separate event. ($25 per person)
March 23rd
April 6th
April 20th
Our “Intro to Wine” program designed to help you enjoy wine to the fullest. This program is organized the way the shop is now divided, by style of wine, not grape variety. The purpose for this is teach you how to understand why wines taste the way they do, what foods you might pair them to and what the winemaker did to make the wine taste that way. This class looks extensively at grape growing, winemaking and aging, new trends in those areas and how that affects the wines you buy. This is an excellent class for new wine aficionados and those of you who have been drinking wine for years. This lecture format class always sells out very quickly so don’t delay in making reservations.

A blind tasting based on the wines of the most popular wine rack in the store.
$20 per person
March 30th
As the world of wine expands the lines between what you expect certain wines to taste like gets more blurred. For several years it seems that Cabernets under $15 are getting softer and Pinot Noirs in that price range are getting richer. For this reason we will conduct a blind tasting of 20 wines, all under $15 a bottle, in open house format. I am sure this will be an eye opening experience for all that attend as we sort through the fine details of Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and several other blends. In order to keep costs down, only bread and cheese will be served.

April 13th
$25 per person
This has become a very popular category despite the value of the dollar. I guess it is true that people always like the classics. This class will examine the
Bordeaux region of France, focusing on the red wines. We will look at the Medoc, Right Bank and the rising importance of the lesser appellations. As always we will also look at the historic significance of the region and the evolving trends as we move into the 21st century.