TWM NEWSLETTER – October 2005

Tim's Wine Market

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Ding! Ding! Ding! Two years ago we introduced a line of crystal stemware from the Austrian producer Schott Zweisel and ever since you can hear us demonstrate them as we bang them on the display. This stemware differs from all others in the market because it does not contain lead but rather a blend of titanium and zirconium. This produces a stronger crystal that is less likely to chip or shatter and will not turn hazy after multiple washings, especially in a dishwasher. We have sold so much of this stemware in the past year that we have now discontinued Riedel and Speigelau so that we can expand the number of products we carry from Schott.

The first line we want to introduce is their ENOTECA series. These are mouth blown, elegant stems that feel feather light in the hand. They compare with the Riedel Sommelier series but these sell for only $25 each, compared with more than $50 for the other brand. They have smooth, classic lines and are slightly oversized to maximize air space. We carry five different designs of this series, the ultimate glasses for those of you who really love fine stemware.

For over a year we have carried the TOP TEN series, designed by seven, young, European sommeliers. This line features dramatic shapes that not only look futuristic but really enhance your wine drinking experience. We have added five new designs in this series to round out the collection. These stems sell for $12 per stem.

We have also added four new designs of the DIVA series. The look of these stems is classic but in extremely large sizes. For over a year we have carried the Bordeaux and Champagne stems but we have now added four new designs, including a killer martini glass. These stems sell for $14 each.

Finally, we have added a line with traditional shapes and sizes called FORTE. This line is standard size, meaning they fit in an average dishwasher but still offer the feel and shape of a quality stem. We have three different shapes in this line including a very nice water glass. The Forte series sell for $10 per stem.

All of these glasses are in stock and qualify for the same discounts you receive on any wine purchase. If you are only shopping for glassware you can receive a 10% discount for any solid box purchase of six stems.

ENOTECA ($25 each)
Rioja, Burgundy Grand Cru, Bordeaux Premier Cru and Burgundy

DIVA SERIES ($14 each)
Champagne Flute, Bordeaux, Burgundy, White Wine and Martini

TOP TEN SERIES ($12 each)
Full bodied red, Full bodied white, Light red wine, Mature red wine, Sparkling flute and Barrel aged spirits

FORTE SERIES ($10 each)
Water, Claret and Sparkling

When I travel I like to collect T-shirts of restaurants and cool shops that I visit. While I was standing in a very cool cheese shop in New Paltz, New York this past summer I came up with the idea for a series of wine related T-shirts. All shirt designs feature our new logo on the front and one of four sayings on the back. These shirts come in four colors and small large and extra large sizes. There is a display to in both stores so you can see all four.