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2020 Domaine de Fontsainte Corbieres Gris de Gris – $20

The Laboucarié family produce some stunning red wines from their old vines of Carignan, grown in the Corbieres region of France. In fact, their black label cuvee is one of my favorite house wines because it works with everything. However, our most popular wine is their Rosé, produced from an ancient, genetic mutation of Grenache called Grenache Gris.

This strange name is really French word for grey, Gris, because the grapes are not dark, noir, or white, blanc. What is in the middle? Gray! This is the same for Italian Pinot Grigio, which is made from the same grapes with light pigmentation. However, white wine versions do not have skin contact and remain clear.

Be prepared for something special when you drink this wine, it is not your everyday rosé. This one shows a bit more weight than classic Provencal versions making it is versatile with dinner as well. Try this gorgeous example with grilled fish, stuffed with fennel and herbs, or pork cutlets breaded and topped with a preserve lemon and olive relish.  Click HERE to buy this wine now.