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2016 Luigi Ferrando Carema (White Label) – $99

I discovered the wines of Luigi Ferrando when his importer, Neal Rosenthal, selected one of my small, high quality distributors to represent them in Florida. It was actually that distributor who turned me on to Ferrando, and I have been a collector ever since. The wines are notoriously long lived, so I have yet to open one in my cellar, with vintages going back to 2011. However, three years ago I ordered a 2000 vintage at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles, and finally experienced the majesty first hand. In fact, the wine brought me huge street cred with the sommelier, as I picked their wine director’s favorite of the very extensive list.

What I love about Ferrando’s wines is they give you the same broad aromatic profile as my other favorite, Barolo, but with more delicacy and finesse. However, don’t be fooled by the light color of the wine. When you take a sip you are greeted with firm, dry tannins that take years to resolve. This is why I strongly urge anyone who was married in 2016, or saw the birth of a child, to put a bottle away for your 20th anniversary, or their 21st birthday.  You will not be disappointed.