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The May edition of the Tim’s Wine market newsletter will hit your mailboxes soon, but in the meantime, read it all here — a new bunch of wines in Spotlight, some new tastings added to Classes & Events and a few news items below. Enjoy!

I hate to jinx anything but it appears that by the time you read this, the new Lakeland store will be close to opening, with a target date of June 1. Since announcing that I was going to open there I had to move locations to avoid conflict with a potential tenant, but the new location is closer to where I wanted to be six months ago when this odyssey began.

The store address is 4525 South Florida Avenue, in the Alamo shopping center, between FedEx/Kinko’s and Chili’s. Our space faces South Florida so it should be easy to find us as soon as I remove a large, ugly bush from the front of the store. No phone number yet, it should be on by the time you read this but the ink is still wet on the new lease so some details are still fuzzy. Richard DeAngelis will be running the Lakeland store so my original core staff will remain unchanged, although I will be in the Lakeland store at least one day a week. For those of you who live in the Lakeland, Winter Haven, Plant City area, please come by and bring a bus load of friends!

Almost two years ago I signed the lease for the adjacent space but have really not used the area for much. Last month I finally figured out how to make the area work and we moved the white wine selections into that space. This has allowed us to spread out and expand our white wines, which were bursting out the walls in the back room. This also has allowed us to move our classroom into the store, so now we don’t have to worry about the rain on tasting nights. Oh yeah, the AC works a lot better too!