Schott-Zwiesel Stemware Back In Stock – Finally

Tim's Wine Market

Due to the overwhelming success of these new, non- lead stems, keeping supply has been a challenge. After months of complaining it appears that the importer finally has a proper inventory and out of stocks should be a thing of the past. All the old favorites are back in stock and we have a couple of new glasses we really like.

FORTE Claret Goblet – $10 per stem
This was going to be our new house stem for the store until we found out they don’t fit our glass cleaning racks. Either way it is a stunning glass. It features a big, somewhat diamond shaped bowl and a shorter stem, great for the dish washer.

TOP TEN Mature Red Glass – $12 per stem
I started playing with this glass for subtle reds, like Pinot Noir and older wines and I fell in love. The large bowl allows for aromas to really develop but the slightly smaller opening seems to hold everything together when taking a sip.