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October 2022

Tim's Wine Market

As I sit down to write this the early reports are coming in from California about the 2022 harvest. The good news is quality again looks superb. The bad news is the drought, now in its 5th year, has decreased the quantity of grapes again. It will take a few weeks to know the exact size of the harvest but the drought is pervasive across the state so I imagine yields will be down 15-20% again. It does not take a crystal ball to see price increases in the future.

This quarter I present three unusual selections in that for two of them I broke my requirement that the wines come from a brick and mortar establishment. There is plenty to say about them so that is why I made the exception. But before we get to those, the first selection is a chance to taste the Best Cabernet Sauvignon in the World for 2022 according to the prestigious 2022 Concours International de Cabernet. The surprise is it comes from South Africa, but from the capable hands of David Finlayson. All three are in the style that you most likely love, but with some interesting backgrounds that might not receive attention otherwise.

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2019 David Finlayson Cabernet Sauvignon “GS”

2016 Square Nail Red Table Wine

2020 Torchbearer Cabernet Sauvignon