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January 2023

Tim's Wine Market

Although it was not my original theme, all three of the selections this quarter have unique names with interesting origins, which is the only unifying feature. My original plan was to highlight three examples of New World Syrah, but alas one of them did not ship in time. Ironically, the replacement wine is called Sabotage, which speaks to the way the distribution chain has disrupted all our lives in the past two years.

Naming wines is challenging, as the explosion of wineries, breweries and distilleries across the world leaves very few unique monikers. It is not unusual for a winery to launch a new brand or label, only to discontinue it after a year because they received a cease and desist letter for trademark infringement. Often, these producers need to use whimsical or non-sensical names in order to create a brand. Sometimes it helps if the owners have an unusual name, as you will see with one selection this quarter.

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2019 Greenock Creek Shiraz Jaensch Block

2019 K Vintners Syrah “Motor City Kitty”

2016 Sabotage Cabernet Sauvignon