Tim's Wine Market

It has been almost ten fantastic years since I opened this store and I still love coming to work in the morning and every evening I leave with a sense of satisfaction. Does this sound weird to be the opening sentence of our web page? Honestly, the wine business has become so driven by large corporations who see wine as units and each product as a niche that I know the buyers for the big chain stores never have to drink wine. Not at Tim’s, here I taste almost every wine that comes through the door. Last year I sampled over 4000 different wines and I found about five hundred that were worthy of buying to represent to you. Now you understand why I love my job!

When you come into my store there are a number of things I can guarantee will happen. The first thing is you will be greeted by someone who drinks wine and knows something about almost every product in our store. They are going to ask you if you need help and if so, what are you looking for? Will you be serving a particular food? What do you normally like? How much do you want to spend? All of these questions help us to understand you and make you comfortable with us. In the old days this was called service, a concept that has been lost as mega-marts have come to dominate the retail landscape. No one on my staff is paid on commission to sell a particular wine. Their goal is to make sure you love the wine you buy, that you tell a couple of friends and you come back.

Now to be fair, you may not love every wine, this is why they come in so many different flavors. What I can promise you is that every wine we sell is well made, by a winemaker/owner who cares about quality first. After we learn your tastes, and that doesn’t take long, we will have a lot more hits than misses. If not, you will not be happy, tell a few friends about how unhappy you are, and not come back. That would mean we probably won’t be here for a twentieth anniversary. So check us out, I can promise you there is no experience like buying wine from Tim’s Wine Market.