Club Write-ups

New World Red
November 2023

Tim's Wine Market

It is hard to exaggerate the dramatic rise in quality of the wines from Chile over the past decade. From my early days in the business the wines of Chile were sold as cheap, passable examples that somehow never lived up to their pedigree. This has a lot to do with the way the industry was positioned during the rule of Augusto Pinochet and the years after, when wine was seen as just another commodity. Then in the early 2000s many established wineries began a generational transition, with the younger winemakers better trained and with a global understanding of quality and value. Since then the quality has skyrocketed based on much better viticulture and winemaking techniques. This month we are excited to present two very different views of modern red wine from Chile. The first is from one of the greatest names in wine and a modern view; the second is from a winery that works with ancient vines and minimal electricity. The contrast between these wines is incredibly compelling. 

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2021 Escudo Rojo Gran Reserva

2019 Gonzalez Bastias Pais “Matorral”

Slow Cooker Chicken Mole