Club Write-ups

New World Red
March 2024

Tim's Wine Market

This year we are embarking on an extra element of wine education with the selections each month. So far we have examined one topic in farming and winemaking, in March we tackle marketing. Right now the wine industry is slipping into uncharted territory with declining sales, and it is causing a lot of concern after two decades of constant growth. Our selections this month come from two wineries who reached out to us to consider their wines for a club selection. Kiona is a winery we have worked closely with for years but it has been a while since their last feature. The second came to us through a broker and while we knew them by reputation there is no personal connection. I think you will find their stories, and the quality of their wines to be exceptional. 

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2018 Kiona Cabernet Sauvignon “Red Mountain”

2021 Truett-Hurst Zinfandel “Rockpile”

Beef Tri-Tip