Liter of the Pack – Because more is better

Tim's Wine Market

How many times has this happened to you? You open a bottle of wine while cooking dinner and pour yourself a glass. Then you share the same bottle with someone during the meal, and before you know it the wine is gone. Do you open another bottle? Or, do you eat the last few bites with water? Fish swim in that stuff! Even worse is the awkward pause in witty conversation because, let’s face it, you are more interesting when drinking. If only they made wine bottles that are bigger, (and not those gross jugs you can buy at the grocery store.) Guess what? They do, and the best part is they are some of the most exciting wines we have in the store.

Recently a number of younger producers have embraced bottling in liters, recognizing how useful these bottles can be. Most of these wines are quite crunchy and bright so they last a couple of days in the fridge, if you somehow have some leftover. Also, almost all of these producers work with low intervention, meaning organically farmed grapes, fermented with native yeast and have no additives except sulfur.  Below is a list of our selections in liter bottles, which are conveniently on display by the front door. Space does not allow for individual details but stop in and talk with us about them. They are some of the coolest wines we have in stock, and amazing values too!

White Wines

Darting Riesling 2022 – $21

Passion Nativa Trebbiano 2022 – $20

Passion Nativa Montepulciano 2021 – $20

Edelweiss Gruner Veltliner 2021 – $21

Kiki & Juan Bianco 2021 – $21

Poderi Cellario E Blanco – $22

Ohlzeit Gruner Veltliner 2022 – $23

Andi Knauss Riesling 2021 – $30

Orange Wines

Poderi Cellario E Orange – $22

Halozan Orange Wine 2022 – $25

Rosé Wines

Passion Nativa Rose 2022 – $20

Sepp Zweigelt 2021 – $16

Red Wines 

Guibert Un Litre Rouge 2021 – $16

Azul y Garanza Garnacha 2020 – $19

Ampelia Un Litro 2021 – $21

Kiki & Juan Tinto 2020 – $21

Ercole Barbera del Monferatto 2021 – $21

Rogue Vine Pais Pipeno 2021 – $24

Sfera Rosso NV – $27

Montemelino Rosso Malpasso NV – $27

Andi Knauss Trollinger 2021 – $29

Santamaria Patrimonia La Boutanche 2021 – $30 

Bas Ino Tribidrog 2019 – $32