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January 2022
Explorer Club

Tim's Wine Market

Happy New Year! Personally I am not big on resolutions as I prefer to think of each January 1st as a new opportunity to push myself for personal growth. Is this the year I start learning French? Will I finish writing the mystery novel I started years ago? Then I remind myself that motivation is not my problem, but rather the time to invest in yet another endeavor. That is why I usually have one very attainable goal in mind each year too. This year I want to develop a taste for eggplant.

My selections for this month are by two winemakers who also look to expand their worlds. The first wine is an uncommon blend made by unconventional means to produce something really stunning. The second is a passion project taking a long overlooked variety and crafting it into something truly special. Both wines are unusual enough that hopefully they will expand your personal tastes, even if you already love eggplant.

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Basel Cellars Horse Heaven Hills Chenin Blanc 2019 - $20

Passionate Wines “Vino del Mono” Tinto 2020 - $15

Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)