GRAPEVINE – MAY 2006 Edition

Tim's Wine Market

We’ve posted a new selection of Spotlight Wines and Classes. Check the links to the left. The rest of our print edition’s front page is below. Enjoy!

We have not pushed the Wine-of-the-Month club for a few months as we had to adjust to the onslaught of new members we received during the holidays. Now that we have refined our system it is time again to mention our pride and joy.

The wine of the month club has grown so large that we now are able to buy a lot of the selections direct from the source, offering a 15-25% on the cost of the wines selected each month. In addition to the savings you receive on your two bottle selections you also get special discounts for every day purchases. In addition we will be kicking off “Member’s nights” in June. These are informal, free tastings for WOM members arranged around the time of each month’s release day. If you have more questions, call and speak with anyone at either store and they will fill you in on the details.

I have been looking for a way to differentiate the wines we sample on Friday night from those on Saturday. Starting in May you will find our free, Friday wine down in both stores, from 5-7 pm, will focus on the four most interesting new arrivals for the week. The free sampling on Saturday will continue to focus on current newsletter and email newsletter features.

Now that the expansion has settled down I have subscribed to a new service that allows me to create a more visually interesting email newsletter. This by no way replaces the snail mail newsletter you are reading but is a supplement to make you aware of items we buy in smaller quantities or events outside of our normal class schedule. To subscribe, email one of us and we will add you to the email list or sign up the next time you visit the stores.

We had the pleasure to spend an evening in October tasting barrel samples of 2003 Red Bordeaux from various petite Chateaus. The decision making process was difficult because the wines were so good. We ended up buying almost 200 cases but of course the wines are not quite here but will arrive by the end of May. Look for a BORDEAUX ARRIVALS on the website soon to see my notes of these tremendous wines.