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Explorer Club
September 2023

Tim's Wine Market

When most people hear the name Provence it conjures up images of quaint seaside villages, mega yachts in the marina and Rosé wines flowing like water. Actually this is pretty accurate, but it does not tell the whole story of the wines of this area. Geographically the region of Provence extends from the border of Italy west to the Rhone River, with the Alps to the North and the Mediterranean to the South. While Provence Rosé is becoming a ubiquitous term, there are actually many different sub-appellations within the region, each producing wines with unique character. Lost in the ocean of Provence Rosé is also some world class red wines, which used to be the majority of the production before WWII. This month we celebrate Provence and show the incredible range of wines with two fantastic picks, and TWM exclusives for Florida.

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2022 Chateau Saint Jean Lez Durance “Liberty” Rosé

2018 Domaine le Galantin Bandol Rouge

Shrimp Provencal