Club Write-ups

Explorer Club
January 2023

Tim's Wine Market

We begin 2023 with two exemplary wines that will hopefully push you into some new territory with your wine consumption. The first is a dry Riesling, a first for the Explorers Club. Often customers think all Riesling is sweet, but the reality is the vast majority of wines made from the grape are dry. The tide changed in the late 1990s toward only dry examples. The second pick is a fantastic Rioja that also graced our selections twice, once in 2006 and again in 2014. However, in those years the wine was labeled as Loriñon, but the Montaña family started shipping their eponymous label a few years ago. Their 2018 Crianza continues the tradition of over delivering.

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Rieslingfreak Riesling No. 44 2022

Montaña Rioja Crianza 2018

Crispy Pork Ramen