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Explorers Club
May 2024

Tim's Wine Market

This month we are taking a deep dive into one of the least well known, yet increasingly important wine regions of France, the Languedoc. Because of the regions size, and the historical preponderance of generic wines under the appellation banner, it is rarely seen as a serious wine area. However, with the cost of vineyard land skyrocketing in the major regions of France since the 1980’s, many young winemakers flocked to the area looking for affordable sites. What they found was a region that has great historical significance that was washed away in the post WWII push for quantity over quality. Armed with a greater knowledge of viticulture and winemaking they set out to reestablish many of the sub-zones as the great wine regions they once were. Three decades later this region is primed and ready to explode, with amazing wines and values everywhere.

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2022 Meridiem Terrasses du Larzac “Les Louves”

2022 Meridiem Montpeyroux “L’Orangeraie”

Lamb Shanks with Pomegranate