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Explorer Club
April 2023

Tim's Wine Market

It is a common misconception here in the United States that lower alcohol means less flavor. In many Old World wine regions, traditional viticulture and winemaking will result in a wine that may not boast the 15% ABV of a warm-climate Grenache or Zinfandel, but certainly showcases a full range of aromatics and flavors. On the other end of the spectrum, of course, it is possible to be over-cautious and harvest too early, resulting in a red (or white) that is overly lean and acidic. This month we are proud to present two traditionally minded wines which, although lower in alcohol than one might expect, are excellent expressions of the places in which they are grown.

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2020 Domaine des Chaumes Chablis

2021 Artuke Rioja

Shrimp Mozambique