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Everything But Red
June 2024

Tim's Wine Market

All of the selections this quarter were made during a trip to Spain in September, 2024. In fact, I actually compiled the purchase order while sitting in the hotel bar in Madrid before leaving the country. A couple of the selections are made in tiny quantities so getting in line early was imperative in order to get the wine. In full disclosure this lineup is not exactly as I planned, with the original selections all coming from Rioja. It was going to be a comparison of three white Rioja, one made from Viura, another from Garnacha Blanca and the final a blend of both. Additionally, one from Rioja Alta, another from Rioja Alavesa and the final pick from Rioja Oriental. But, alas one wine never made it. Thankfully I had the foresight to buy enough of what I thought was the best white wine on the trip as an insurance policy, so while it slightly misses the theme the wine is truly exceptional. I hope these selections open your eyes, or palates, to just how serious the wine game in Spain has become and it encourages you to dig deeper.

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2020 Cachazo Rueda Carrasviñas “Félix”

2022 Miguel Merino Rioja Blanco

2022 Víctor Ausejo Rioja Garnacha Blanca