Club Write-ups

Everything But Red
June 2023

Tim's Wine Market

By now most members should recognize that I am a card carrying member of the “acid freak” style of wines. No, this does not mean I am a disciple of the late Timothy Leary, but rather that I like wines that are high in acidity. Most of my selections are in this style, and thank you for following along. This month I went in a different direction, with selections that feature white Rhône grape varieties, a group of grapes that generally produce richer, lower acid wines. I like to shake it up occasionally and this group of wines is really interesting way to do this. Never fear, even by Rhône variety standards there is plenty of acid with these selections. Otherwise, it would not be a Tim’s selection.

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2016 Domaine du Grand Tinel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc

2019 Terminim Cépages d’Or

2021 Mullineaux Old Vines White