Club Write-ups

European Reserve
August 2023

Tim's Wine Market

As I sit down to write this on July 23rd, there are heat waves across the Southwest US, as well as most of Europe, where temperatures are well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. While there is plenty of debate as to why every summer in Europe feels hotter than the last, the fact remains that it has an impact on the people and farming. In the end wine is an agricultural product and every farmer I have met with for a decade talks about how they are having to change their approach to grape growing. This quarter we will examine three wines from areas that have either been impacted by climate change and show how grape growers and winemakers are adjusting.

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2017 Arnaud Baillot Volnay

2020 Chotard Sancerre Rouge

2018 Bodegas Breca “Brega”