Club Write-ups

European Reserve Club
November 2022

Tim's Wine Market

We are all familiar with the information a wine label gives us; who makes it, where does it come from, etc… However, most pay little attention to important information that is often found on the back label. Here you may find a bit more detail about the winery, or the method of production, but on any non-domestic wine you will always find an “Imported By” statement. This gives the name of the person, or their company, who brought the wine to the US. This can often be equally relevant because knowing the style and tastes of a specific importer goes a long way in telling you what to expect from the wine. This quarter I have made three selections from specific importers, well, sort of, that give you a hint to what the wine is like before you even pull the cork.

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Regis Bouvier Marsannay Clos du Roy 2019

Albert Morot Savigny-les-Beaune La Bataillère 2020

Foradori Teroldego 2021