Crazy Case Sale: June 28-30th

Tim's Wine Market

Orange Avenue Store Only

Don’t miss our the semi-annual Crazy Case Sale!  This one promises to be bigger and better than every before, with almost 400 cases ready to go to new homes.

The way this sale works is as follows.  The left side of the classroom room is set up with cases of wine that cost from $15 to $20 per bottle.  You will pick 8 bottles from those stacks.  Then the right side of the room contains wines priced $21 to $42 per bottle, from which you pick four bottles.  The total cost of the 12 bottles is $129 (plus tax.) If you do the math you quickly see that you could buy up to $328 worth of wine for only $129!  But wait there’s more!

Club members select a 9th bottle from the left side of the room, giving you a baker’s dozen case for the same $129!  

All of the wines in this sale are limited so if we run out then the sale is over.  Shop early, shop often, bring friends and don’t miss out!  If you can’t get by the store, call us 407-895-9463 and ask us to pick a case for you, or give us an order from the wines listed below.  All orders must include payment with a credit card because absolutely no orders will be held.  Due to the nature of this sale, all items are sold “as is” and are final, no returns, trades or credit can be issued.

Select 8

2016 Chateau Rousseau Entre Deux Mers Cuvée Tradition $15

2018 Zenato Pinot Grigio $13

2016 Talis Friulano $17

2016 Ch. de Beau Soliel Muscadet Sevre et Maine $17

2016 Cave de Hunawhir Alsace Riesling $18

2017 Dominique Cotes de Provence Rose $20

2016 Kila Brut Cava $18

2016 Sierra Cantabria Rioja Tinta $14

2015 Cidice Tempranillo $14

2016 Alta Vista Cabernet Sauvignon $15

2013 Tarrica Pinot Noir $15

2013 Tarrica Red Blend $18

2015 Areyna Malbec $15

2009 Vina Alijibes Petit Verdot $18

2015 Hayes Valley Meritage $18

2017 Terra D’Oro Barbera $18

2012 C&T Cellars Merlot $19

2013 Casa Silva Los Lingues Cabernet Sauvignon $20

Select 4

2015 Cambiata Chardonnay $25

2016 Mura Cannonau di Sardegna Grenache $25

2012 Liberated Cabernet Sauvignon $25

2014 Era Costana  Rioja Reserva $25

2004 Cincel Reserva Tempranillo $25

2015 Chateau Miqueu Haut Medoc $22