Tim's Wine Market

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by Tim Varan

Last year we experimented with larger format newsletters and the response was overwhelmingly favorable. This year I have plotted a course that includes much larger newsletters, growing by the end of the year to twelve pages. The larger newsletters will have more wine content and more important, begin offering my staff a chance to write some editorial on topics we feel relevant to wine consumers. This issue begins with articles from Steve Butler on the importance of decanting and a look at the changing consumer trends by Richard DeAngelis. In future issues we hope to expand on the science of wine enjoyment, book reviews and evolving trends in the market.

In order to have time to produce these newsletters we are going to only publish six times this year, every-other-month starting with February/March. Since we receive new items every week we will increase the publication of our email newsletter, the TWM Grapevine, to every-other-week. This will also carry up to date class schedules, a tasting schedule for the Friday Wine Down and Saturday Samplings and of course, great deals we find in the market. You can sign up for the email newsletter at our registers, or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and write Sign me up in the email’s subject line.

We hope to have a new website to match our publications by the end of March. The new site will have more up to date information, an e-commerce area for current features and blog pages for my employees to express their opinions of current wines and trends. If you have any input into things you would like to see, either as editorial content or from a service area, please email or call me.