A Happy Father’s Day, Indeed!

Tim's Wine Market

I hope all of you who are eligible for a hearty “Happy Father’s Day” enjoyed your special day. Mine was uneventful, I finished the July newsletter, worked on a project for the Lakeland store and took my family for some pulled pork at Bubbalous’s Bodacious Barbecue. The pork is great, the beans are good, the greens are fantastic but the wine list ???

This little jaunt ends at dinner. As many of you know, the second best thing I enjoy is working in the kitchen (first is time with the family.) I decided to create some chicken roulades, filled with smoked ham, provolone cheese, roasted peppers. The sauce was pan drippings, white wine, tomatoes, capers, chopped olives, leeks and of course, garlic. The whole thing was cooked down and served mirrored on the plate with the roulades sliced on top. The wine? 1999 Haciendo Monasterio Ribero del Duero. This wine snuck under the radar of many of my customers but I loved it then and it is only getting better in the cellar. The flavors are starting to move out of the fruit area, developing a lovely sense of cinnamon pastry and roasted coffee beans. The wine is made by Peter Sisseck (who also makes Pingus) and sold for the stunning price of $28. You can see that not every special event wine is expensive but all events are special when family, and wine is involved.