45 year old Sangria and people who think 2 buck chuck is the good stuff

Tim's Wine Market

Day three of the MW Seminar

The day started as they all have with a blind tasting. This is the first time it has been under exam conditions. That means twelve wines in two hours and fifteen minutes. All I have to do is identify grape variety, the region of origin and make a statement to quality. The identification is not that hard but defining region is certainly a bit harder. I do fine, my descriptions need work.

The afternoon is consumed by seminars about various wine markets around the world. Did you know the average European would not spend as much as 2 buck chuck for a bottle. The next time someone tells you that someone from Europe just knows wine, the odds say they dont. The evening finishes with a quick Champagne tasting but I was out the door to catch the second half of the Super Bowl. Go Steelers. It was not pretty but no one remembers the final score, just the victory.

Dinner at Bouchon. This is a small bistro up the street from my hotel that is owned by Thomas Keller of French Laundry, which is also just up the street. I join three candidates for dinner and two bring wine from their cellars. All the wines were good but the most interesting bottle is one from Torres. It is a Sangre de Toro, like the grocery store wine, except labeled as 1961 vintage. None of us expected the wine to be real good but to our surprise it was shockingly youthful and full of flavor. The wine displayed some mature aromas during the second glass but what a surprise. The funny thing to me was the recipe for Sangria on the back label.

Tomorrow, more tasting and a vineyard tour.